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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy and Urination" by Jay Roberts Gay Urination+++I don't know what an innocent child under 18 years of age,
might make of the title of this story, but don't let it
bother your young head, just leave and come back when you
are over 18. By then, you may understand this title.
Clem Watkins lolita nude pay preteen
was eighteen and in his last year of high school.
Today he was visited the Aquatic Center for the first time. Poor
Clem was too busy with his farm duties, especially now that
Gramps wuz gettin' too old to do much, 'cept soupavise.He had the time today 'cause he had sold off all his produce from
the old truck, parked in the town square. Some of the ladies
were 'cited 'about the large fruits he had grown with natural
fertilizer. One blond lady with heavy make up asked if he had a
large banana. Now that wuz plain silly, bananas didn't grow
'round these parts.'After a hot day in town, tiny naked loli girls
he was lookin' forward to a cool swim
and might try out that hot room he heered 'bout. Suppose to be
good for stiff muscles and he was stiff from tossin' around those
giant watermelons.When he entered, there wuz a fella at the door. He looked over
Clem's overalls and said, "You do repair stuff?"Well of course he did. When broke on the farm, he fixed 'em. So
he nodded yes and went it. Inside there wuz green metal lockers.
He opened the one good button on his shoulder clasp and his Bibb
Overalls came tumblin' down his fine build body and landed at the
top of his work boots. He sat on the wooden bench and unlaced
them. As he was doing it, two young russian lolita sex extreme fellas passed and one said,
"Nice backside!" He thanked them, thinking that this was a real
friendly place.Naked now, he walked toward a door marked "Sauna" and pushed the
door open. "My, it sure is hot in here," he said out loud.There was only one other person in the room and he answered.
"That's what a sauna ought to be. Hey friend, come a little
closer and let me take a look at you. Oh shit, you're a looker."The boy, also a senior at the school was named Terry and he
introduced himself to Clem. Terry liked Clem large hand with the
rough palm from milkin'. He took in the 5' 11" frame with broad
shoulders and narrow waist. He sucked in his breath when those
aqua blue eyes fixed on him, glinting beneath the boy's thick
cinnamon colored bangs."You are a fine, handsome fella yurself. You have that nice
dark, curly hair and some of it in the middle of yur chest.
Nice.""Come on sit next to me. You here for the Urination Coronation?""I don't think so. What's that and kin I be invited?""You sure can, there was supposed to be five guys here but
somehow they musta gotten the time screwed up, but you are truly
welcome. You like piss?""Wahl, you know those times you are holding it in fur a long time
and finally you find a big trunked tree and take yur penis out
and let the water lolita nude pay preteen flow. Man, those times, I love piss. That
what you mean?""I mean really like it. The color, the smell, the feel of it
splashing on your naked body."Whoa, that last stuff Terry wuz talkin' 'bout was real sexy.
Clem's generous organ took an interest and began to fatten up.
Terry noticed it and his own long, slim penis rose up out of his
lap and took a look around.Terry put an arm around Clem's neck, friendly lak, and asked, "Do
you have to take a piss right now?""Come to think of it, I forgit to do my business afore comin' in
here and I do feel lak my water is wantin' to stream out. I kin
hold it a bit more, though."Terry's voice was a little husky and he tightened his arm that
was around the farm boy. "I've been holding in for a long time,
waiting for the other boys to arrived. I'd be glad to let it out
now. Do you want me to?"Clem thought a minute, "Surely I don't want you to be un-
comfabull. Sure you kin let it out. I saw there's a men's room
just outside."Terry got a sly look on his handsome face. "Hey rube. I was
thinking of doing it in here. Would you like that?""Well I guess so. I seen many a bull and horse send their water
splashing on the ground and sometimes it's been plum interestin'""What way," asked Terry, now clamping his thighs together to hold
in his pee.""Well sometimes they piss so hard they kick up the dirt. I know
they lak to do it 'cause...""Because what?" Terry asked, laughing at Clem's embarrassment."'Cause their long male organs sweet lolita galleries free git all hard and long 'cause of
holding their piss. Say, lak you. Your organ it stiff as a hoe
handle.""You're pretty hard too, plow boy. Hey would you enjoy jackin'
me off before I piss. A cum when you're piss hard is very
excellent.""I'd admire to do that. Some of the other farm boys I know alwuz
say that Clem does a good job at that. Come here 'n let me milk
ya."Terry's head began to swim and his breathing got real deep. The
thought of his impending hard piss and the offer to "milk" him
was exciting. He moved closer to Clem, his hips right against
that muscular one of Clem's and waited. He didn't have to wait
long. He sucked in his breath as Clem's farm boy hand lightly
grasped his straining cock.Suddenly Terry let out an agonized sound. His strain to hold back
his urine had short circuited his control. Something like
"Aarwd!" and his piss hole opened up and a torrent of urine
started, landing on Clem's leg. Clem giggled at the thickness of
the stream. "It looks like bull piss and smells strong, but
good." It was hot on his leg and it the idea of piss hitting
him, began to loosen his own holding back.Suddenly he shot a thin stream into the air. It was pale as
Champagne and Terry, even though lost in his own piss, thought it
smelled like new mown hay The stream thickened and splashed on
Terry's chest. The two boys must have had twenty quarts tiny naked loli girls stored
in there. The streams poured out and they were moaning in
relief. Finally the power of the streams abated and the boys sat
back feeling weak from such a outstanding peeing.Terry said, "You win the Urination Coronation. Now I am still
horny and still hard. You want to get on with that 'milkin'."Sure enough." He grasped the big dikcs little lolitas
urine wet cock and his hand slid
like grease over the surface. In a moment, Terry's head rolled
back and his mouth fell open. Clem always like that effect. He
felt he was helping mankind, leastwise the man his hand was
wankin'.Terry was happy as a calf on the teat. His mouth hung open and
he was drooling like a baby. Pretty soon there were signs that
his pleasure was morphing into an impending orgasm.He began lifting up and down off the tile bench trying to
intensify the feelings. Clem increased his hand pressure and
reached for the boy's bollocks and got them swinging back and
forth. With a loud cry, Terry sent a stream of hot 'milk' out of
his still wet prick. He shot and shot, then weakly fell back
against the tile.Feeling a little greedy, he looked at the handsome farm boy.
"You want me to get you off?""No thanky, but I 'preciate the offer. Looky here."He pointed at the floor below him. There was a pool of farm boy
cum."Yep, doin' for you does that fer me. If'n you do fer others
then it comes back twice fold."Clem said goodbye and then went back to his locker. "I can't
swim anyways, I got no bathing suit, but it was a good day."

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